Courses We Offer

All Mountain Pure Ski Performance Course

Imagine a winter where your primary focus is to rip around three epic resorts refining your skills. That’s what this ski performance course is all about.

Snowboard Improvement Course

Our snowboard improvement courses are a great way to revolutionise your snowboarding with professional coaching in a fun and supportive environment. On these programmes, the focus is to improve your snowboarding – not just to earn qualifications. However, some of the longer courses do include some snowboard instructor qualifications as well.

Off-Piste Ski Courses

For many skiers, the ultimate thrill is riding deep, untouched powder. An increasing number of skiers are looking to get off groomed trails and gain the skills necessary to go off-piste and backcountry skiing. Our off-piste ski courses provide you with the opportunity to do this. Push your boundaries with us this winter and join one of our off-piste programmes.

Snowboarding Tips

Get Your Foot Right In There

When you are strapping in, make sure to jam that heel all the way into the heel cup. This allows your bindings straps to fit snugly around your boot and make that beautiful, firm locked-in feeling. Get this right, and you'll thank us later.

Skate Off A Chair Straight

Probably the most intimidating thing about snowboarding for beginners is skating off your first chairlift. Remember the tip above for skating; stay calm and ride straight off the chair. Don't try to turn too early, don't lean on others for support and don't try to stop just after you've stood up. Just ride away in a straight line then put that anchor down once you feel yourself slowing down.

Ice-Free Footbeds

Snow building up on the baseplate of your binding can be a real day-breaker. Instead, every time you strap in, use the buckle of your toe and heel strap to attack the ice and clear it out first. This will give you a clean ice-free footbed so you can lock in tight.

Essential Skiing Tips

About us


Progression is addictive, and runs through us as skiers and snowboarders. Our ethos centres on pushing limits and fostering a community of like-minded people. Over the years we’ve added to our portfolio of courses. We now offer instructor and patrol courses, plus all-mountain and backcountry courses in select mountain destinations across the world. A collective of skiers, snowboarders, instructors, guides and advisors.

Leo Skeates Co-Founder of Road Snowball